10 Reasons to Choose Ukrainian Brides

Have you ever wondered why Western men with such zeal seek Ukrainian brides? Why from all the nations of the world, these girls have become such an object of lust? But there are very specific reasons for this. Perhaps some of them are known to you. For example, charming beauty of Ukrainian women. But in any country in the world there are enough beautiful women to satisfy the desires of even the most demanding men. We will not discuss what is the catch, but just quote the inhabitant of Denmark who dreams of marrying a Ukrainian bride: "In Denmark, marriages fall apart in 50% of cases," Kenneth explains. "Local women treat their husbands very badly - do not pay attention to them , reject, always unhappy with everything, and do not take care of themselves at all.Therefore, many men dream of Eastern European women: in Europe there is an opinion that they are more obedient, beautiful, cheerful and tender, and very family oriented. "


Ukrainian scientists note: the stereotypes of foreigners about Ukrainians are not without a grain of truth. Ukrainian women are really more family oriented than Europeans. The results of the research show that in Ukraine the values of the traditional family have largely been saved: the man is the head of the family and the performer of physical work, the woman is given the role of the mother, her shoulders are taken care of the house and family.

American Tale

According to the statistics of 2009, every fifteenth Ukrainian woman 40-49 years old is a widow. The deficit of men increased even more with the beginning of ATO, so Ukrainian women began to look increasingly for grooms among foreigners. A resident of the Ukrainian city of the Dnieper, a Ukrainian bride Natalia did not plan to seek a foreign husband, especially with the help of the Internet. She registered on an international dating site... for the practice of English. However, as the girl admits, difficulties arose: she was practically not written by native speakers, but she was besieged by eastern men from Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, who were not interested in improving language skills, but flirting and virtual sex. This is a familiar situation for any girl.

Disappointed in communicating with foreigners, Natalia was already going to delete the profile on the site, and suddenly on Christmas she received a letter from an unfamiliar American. A man called Sean attracted the attention of the girl with a funny message: they exchanged e-mail addresses and began to correspond every day. And in five weeks Natalia met her new acquaintance at the airport "Borispol".

As it turned out, on the dating site Sean purposefully looked for a foreign wife, because he was very disappointed in American women. And there are thousands like Sean today. Instead of looking for the solution to the unpopularity of compatriots as wives, some men turn their eyes to distant Ukraine. Well, that's the right decision. The first meeting with an overseas man did not disappoint the girl. They had many common interests and the same desire for marriage. Unlike the Ukrainian boyfriends, who were afraid of responsibility and aspired to free relations.

And the US resident impressed Natalia with his sincerity: "When we walked around Kiev, I told him about the famines, their causes and consequences." Then Sean saw the pedestal of a little girl with three spikelets and big empty eyes, he cried like a child. And I tried to calm him down, and he said that it was terribly wrong, that it should not be so, that this is a terrible crime ... "

Natalia and Sean got married six months after the first meeting. Everything was like a romantic melodrama: a ring with a diamond and vows in eternal love in front of the background of a beautiful waterfall. They live a happy life and raise their first-born. Do you want to know what qualities of Natalia charmed Sean? We are happy to tell you. They are a universal feature of the mentality, therefore they can be called characteristic for all hot Ukrainian brides .

10 Advantages of Ukrainian Girls

1. Unique style. Sexy Ukrainian brides , unlike European women, are more feminine. They like to dress up and take care of their appearance, always want to look 100%! Short skirts, hairpins, sexy dresses, makeup — all this is the norm. Just stroll around the center of Kiev and you will meet cool Ukrainian brides . In addition, Ukrainian women are able to instill a sense of style for their men. In extreme cases, the Ukrainian bride will take pleasure in compiling your wardrobe for herself. And you will not regret!

2. Education. Most Ukrainian women have a rich inner world and, unlike American women, are well educated. Many of them know and speak several languages. If you are looking for a girl with whom you can talk heart to heart, and want something more than shouting "cool" or "wow", you should find a Ukrainian bride. She will become a real treasure for you.

3. For Ukrainian women, the family is a priority. Ukrainian women adhere to traditional views on the male and female role in the family. A man in Ukraine is an earner who earns and provides a decent life, and a woman is treated like a mistress and mother. Nowadays, many women use all the opportunities to get a good education, find a good job and build a career. Nevertheless, the family always remains a priority for the majority of Ukrainian women.

4. Pride and modesty. Most Ukrainian women are modest and friendly. Being brought up in accordance with patriarchal traditions, these girls are compliant and the man is always in authority with them. In Ukraine, women do not rush to divorce, instead they use all possible chances to save the marriage and continue the relationship with the person they chose. They attach great importance to romance, like when men give flowers and read poems. If an Ukrainian woman loves, for her there are no rules, she falls in love once and for life.

5. Good housewives. Ukrainian girls are known as good housewives, excellent cooks and loving mothers. They tend to learn how to cook traditional Ukrainian and Russian dishes from childhood, and they also like to do it. In Ukraine, it is not customary to hire home staff (only in very rich and large families), so Ukrainian women are used to do all the housework on their own.

6. Good wife. In Ukraine, women want to have children and family, to be a wife and mother. Many of them will be completely happy only in this role. Many leave work to fully dedicate themselves to the family. The whole Ukrainian culture teaches that a woman finds her happiness in motherhood. So we can say that Ukrainian girls dating is all about strong family.

7. Ukrainian women easily adapt. These ladies know everything about life in a country where an unstable economy is the norm. They know how to do something from nothing and are not afraid of difficulties. In the West, people tend to emphasize their wealth - money, property, etc., and for Ukrainian women, they highly value the person itself. Friendship and inner beauty - that's what's important for most of them. They will love you for what you are. After all, is not this what everyone really wants?

8. They are looking for foreign husbands. In Ukraine, men are also smart and interesting, but they just do not get good husbands. The overwhelming majority of Ukrainian women are seeking husbands abroad and they are honest in their intentions, they want to have a reliable partner, a happy family and a stable future. They are not pursuing the goal of getting married and divorced in two years.

9. Marriage in Ukrainian will give you a feeling of real comfort. If you are a convinced bachelor and your relationship with a Ukrainian girl has become the first serious change in life, you will find a lot of unusual discoveries.

10. Ukrainian women are not interested in your financial well-being ... almost. Of course, it would be foolish to say that there is no such interest at all. She, of course, is interested, do you have a stable job to provide for the family. Of course, she will pay attention to the financial situation at the stage of acquaintance, but she will choose you, not your money. And if you try to impress a woman with wealth, you will get a negative reaction.