How to Meet a Ukrainian Bride: 11 Steps (With Pictures)

Ukrainian women are considered to be the desired brides by many foreigners. Apart from being one of the most beautiful women in the world, these girls make perfect spouses. No wonder that so many men go straight to Ukraine hoping to meet their future wives there. But it’s a pretty risky venture since you can’t be sure you’ll return to your country with a bride. That’s why you should start your searches of a Ukrainian wife online, on a dating website. This is a very convenient way to meet new people and find the love of your life without leaving your room. If you’re new to online dating, you must be interested in some rules of approaching and dating Ukrainian women online.

1. Use specialized websites.
Contacting Ukrainian girls on Facebook is not a good idea because you don’t know whether a particular girl is single and whether she is interested in meeting somebody at a current stage of her life. That’s why you should go to the online dating site focused on Ukrainian dating. You’ll know for sure that all the girls whose profiles you see on that site have serious intentions and want to find their future partners.

2. Create a quality profile.
In order to get more replies from the women you want to communicate with, pay attention to the content of your profile. Provide essential information about yourself so that women know what kind of person you’re and what you’re looking for.

3. Upload your best photos.
Your profile photo should be of high quality and feature only you (no group pictures). Your face should be clearly seen, so no sunglasses. Apart from the main profile photo, add some pictures to your album that will tell more about your personality and social life. Remember that women often ignore the letters send by men whose profiles don’t contain any photos.

4. Use search criteria.
You have a set of requirements for your potential wife and most online websites feature search criteria selecting which you’ll get the most appropriate search results. It means that you’ll be shown those Ukrainian women who meet your preferences.

5. Write an engaging letter.
When you come across an interesting profile, don’t hesitate to make the first step and initiate a chat with the woman you liked. Your first message should be catchy, so you may start with a question or compliment.

6. Be casual.
Try to set up the right tone for your conversation. For this, don’t bombard her with multiple questions but ask only those ones aimed at getting a general idea of what kind of person she is.

7. Don’t focus on one woman.
Online dating gives you an opportunity to meet many women and correspond with them simultaneously. Use this opportunity and get acquainted with several women and start getting to know each of them better. After a few chats, you’ll understand with whom you’d like to continue your online relationship.

8. Study women’s profiles.
There is a tendency among men towards overlooking the information women include in their profiles. There is no point in initiating a chat if you don’t have common interests (judging from the information a woman you want to write to provided). That’s why look through her profile and if you realize that you share similar views and have similar hobbies, send her a message. If people have a lot in common, they will always know what to talk about and feel that invisible connection that might turn into something bigger.

9. Be polite.
Ukrainian women find courteous men extremely attractive. If you write a particular woman that you don’t want to bother her but you couldn’t help but approach her, your letter will not be left unanswered.

10. Compliment her.
Paying a compliment is a good way to start a conversation but you should also compliment your interlocutor during your chat to express admiration. However, you shouldn’t flood her with compliments because she’ll think you just flatter her and Ukrainian girls don’t like flattery. Three compliments will be enough. Compliment her on her great looks, on the most vivid character trait, and her sense of style or an interesting hobby. Avoid generalized compliments and try to find something less obvious about her appearance and personality.

11. Use your sense of humor.
Humor is an essential tool when meeting women. It’s a perfect ice-breaker and it helps set a casual atmosphere letting a woman open up and feel more comfortable.